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Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays! hehe

I am writing this blog with exactly 23 minutes left in the clock before my birthday.. and i really just wanna reminisce on my 19th year of life..

My 19th year wasn't that full of life changing events in my life but it was fun.. i am saying goodbye to my teen life and am gonna start with the suffix -ty plus something in my age.. hehe but for now i guess i'm gonna start with -ty.. i am going to say that my teen life wasn't all that bad.. no boys were involved but everything is worth it.. i know that i am going to go through my life after my teen life with a beautiful view of the world and a life full of laughter, trial and stuff like that... a lot of things also happened on my last teen year, but i gotta say... no regrets.. all the tears i cried, all the laughter i've laughed all the experiences i've had and all the people that became a part of my teen life were all worth it... i've laughed, i've cried i've laughed and cried kinda crazy i know.. haha but everything is really worth it.. after 15 mins. i'm gonna score again in the age game and i know that i'll be more matured and more broad minded over everything... people may come, people may go.. but i know that after all that crap.. i'll still be the one in control of my life.. so in my last teen day i'm gonna say... F***  to all those bitches who hated me... but i'm more beautiful than you... and F*** to all those guys who didn't see the potential in me because all of you will bow before me... hahahaha I LOVE YOU guys, to the people who was and still is a part of my life.. 

PS: so sorry i wrote all those bad words down but you get the point.. hahaha see yah in my 20th!



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